Radiant Transmission

The début release from Rocket Cat: Radiant Transmission featuring six new songs recorded between September 2016 and January 2017. Radiant Transmission yields a supercharged sound that’s at once fresh and familiar, forward-focused and reflective, unpredictable yet accessible, and always lushly melodic. The potent infusion of Trudeaux’s lyrics - sparking connection, then slipping just out of reach - make the entire concoction all the more addictive.




Every Nowhere from Radiant Transmission

88Nine Radio Milwaukee

A big Thanks to 88Nine Radio Milwaukee for hosting Rocket Cat on 414Live in support of our lastest release Radiant Transmission. And a special Thanks to all who stopped by to see us perform live. Stream Rocket Cat’s 414Live session and interview below:

Rocket Cat Comes Alive

That snow is finally melting, the ground is thawing, Milwaukee is looking to drink outside - it must be Spring. And with that, there always seems to be rebirth and growth of another nature at this time of the year, and local rockers, Rocket Cat, seem to fit that mold. After coming together randomly in 2016, the band has worked to infuse each other's individual styles and experiences to create something new.

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Music Review Roulette

Thea and Steve take a listen to 'Gold' from the album Radiant Transmission on Music Review Roulette, Milwaukee's #1 indie music review show. Listen to what they had to say about the song and music of Rocket Cat. (14:40)

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