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Suzanne Talks to the Shepherd Express

With live music on hold, the band Rocket Cat recorded videos for a pair of songs from their debut EP Radiant Transmission. That is the plus side. The minus side is her side band Mixtape had cancellations for a number of outdoor festivals that so many local music groups count on financially each year. Read the...Continue reading

Rocket Cat “Between Silence” Video Release

Rocket Cat releases video for the song “Between Silence” from the Little Lights album to critical acclaim. The Five O’Clock Steakhouse in Milwaukee was the perfect setting for a speakeasy, spy-themed storyline. Full of intrigue, unrequited love, and a double-cross or two. Cast: Arturo de la Mesa, Beth Ridley, Suzanne Sexton Singh, Christopher Guse, Dave Maurer, Steve Vorass...Continue reading

Rocket Cat Video Premiere

Rocket Cat to premiere three videos in support of their Little Lights album. The video premiere will take place at Milwaukee’s No Studios (1037 W McKinley Avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53207) on June 1, 2019 from 7:30 – 10:00 PM. Rocket Cat is set to perform at the event with special guest The Keystones.

Rocket Cat: 414 Live @ 88.9 Radio Milwaukee

Thursday on 414 Live, we’re excited to welcome the catchy guitar riffs of Rocket Cat to the Radio Milwaukee stage. Come down, tune in to 88.9 on your FM radio dial or stream online to hear the session. Guitarist Chris Guse, bassist Dave Maurer, drummer Steve Vorass, and vocalist/lyricist Suzanne Singh skillfully blend their backgrounds...Continue reading

A & R Factory ‘Little Lights” Review

If you could imagine what Stevie Nicks would sound like if she experimented with jangly Pop Rock, you’d get an idea of how powerfully compelling the latest single “Little Lights” from Rocket Cat is. Not only is their artist title endearing, the punchy anthemics which they have poured into Little Lights also hits you with...Continue reading